S i n g a p o r e  H a u n t e d  E C P  R a w  F o o t a g e
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For the first time in Singapore Haunted history, we want you, our fans and viewers to help review this raw and unedited footage that will be used for the 2nd segment of our Singapore Haunted Yellow Tower Revisited Special episode that will be out next week. This footage that you are watching is a night vision clip more than 5 mins long that was taken at a spot at the end of East Coast Park towards Fort Road.

Email the Singapore Haunted producer/director at izreloaded at gmail dot com if you find anything in the footage that is worth reporting. Please include the timestamp and the event that you want to report. For example, At 01:30: Strange noise heard. All reports have to be sent by 1pm on Monday 19 November. Thanks!

NASA astronaut Donald Pettit gives us an inside look into what itís like to take photos of space and why bringing 10 DSLRs with him is actually necessary.

The RAW Timelapse Tutorial Part 2: Pre-production is by far the most important part of the process for not only time-lapse photography but film-making as a whole. Singapore Haunted Fall of Singapore Special: We take a look back at our paranormal investigations at some of the most haunted World War II sites in Singapore.

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