L e o n i d s  L i v e  2 0 1 2

Catch the Leonid meteor shower live! You can still watch recordings of the Leonids when the camera goes off air. The Leonids occur each year in mid-November from bits of debris from Comet Tempel-Tuttle. Every 33 years the comet visits the inner solar system and leaves a stream of dusty debris in its wake. Many of these streams have drifted across the November portion of Earth's orbit. Whenever our planet hits one, meteors appear to be flying out of the constellation Leo. The Leonids peak on Nov 17/18.

Battlestar Gallactica Blood & Chrome Eps 3 & 4: Adama, Coker, and Dr. Kelly battle enemy Raiders and make a shocking discovery deep in Cylon space.

Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome Episode 2: Adama and Coker's supply mission quickly turns lethal as the small crew pilots their Raptor through Cylon territory. Singapore Haunted Fall of Singapore Special: We take a look back at our paranormal investigations at some of the most haunted World War II sites in Singapore.

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