Epic Chef Episode 8: Pizza Challenge

Epic Chef pits 2 chefs against each other to prepare outrageous heart-attack-inducing meat-laden dishes with massive calorie, fat and cholesterol content all in the name of impressing a panel of judges. These chefs think they have game, but Freddie and Brandon don't look impressed. Which chef will make the most epic pizza? Which one will pull it off and walk away with the Epic Chef bowling trophy?

Singapore Haunted Ghosts In The Office Special: The staff working in a haunted office call the team to help them find out what really is scaring them away from work.

Epic Chef Ep 7: Who can best utilize the next level sausage-making device and end up being declared this week's Epic Chef? Epic Chef Ep 6: Contestants are given 3 secret ingredients, beer and a briefcase of bacon to prepare an epic BBQ meal

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