Battle for the Elephants Ep 3: The China Ivory Market

Our investigation is revealing insights into the ivory trade, which is causing elephant numbers to fall to lower levels than ever recorded. An international ban on trading ivory has been in place since 1989. But since then, the international body that governs the trade, known as CITES, has allowed two large auctions of stockpiled ivory. Our cameras were allowed into a luxury goods store showroom in Beijing, where Bryan Christy explains how those auctions complicate what's for sale legally and what's not.

Singapore Haunted Yellow Tower Revisited Special: The paranormal investigation team returns to East Coast Park's Yellow Tower for a special investigation.

Battle For The Elephants Ep 4: Aidan Hartley attempts to gain access to a maximum-security warehouse that holds perhaps the world's largest cache of raw ivory. Battle For The Elephants Ep 2: Aidan Hartley takes viewers undercover to investigate the criminal network behind a supply of illicit ivory.

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