Battle for the Elephants Ep 2: Criminal Traders Exposed

Aidan Hartley takes viewers undercover to investigate the criminal network behind a supply of illicit ivory. In Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, one of the world's main ports for smuggled ivory, Hartley poses as a buyer and uses hidden cameras to film poachers negotiating the sale of large quantities of tusks. Aware that his life could be on the line, Hartley must decide whether to follow the sellers on their terms.

Singapore Haunted Yellow Tower Revisited Special: The paranormal investigation team returns to East Coast Park's Yellow Tower for a special investigation.

Battle For The Elephants Ep 1: Journalist Bryan Christy explores the ancient Chinese tradition of carving ivory and finds out its demand is killing the elephants. Battle For The Elephants Ep 3: Bryan Christy explains how legal auctions of stockpiled ivory complicate what's for sale legally and what's not.

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